Presbytery Area

The Presbytery of Gordon is located in the North East of Scotland lying to the North and West of Aberdeen. Many of its 30 congregations serve rural areas however many residents are involved in the oil and gas industry or related support businesses, some working offshore on a regular basis.

A Responsive Church

Central to the Church of Scotland is our love and worship of God through following the Lord Jesus Christ. Worship within the Church of Scotland is for everybody and patterns of worship vary from church to church which means that people can find a place of worship where they feel comfortable.

Presbytery Function

Presbytery's function is to exercise a leadership role designed to empower and support congregations in the fulfilment of their calling to be the people of God in their own localities. Membership consists of Ministers, Deacons and Elders from congregations within the Presbytery bounds.

Presbytery Planning 20/20 Vision

At the December 2009 Presbytery meeting, Reverend Euan Glen presented a report regarding the financial position of the Church of Scotland and how we are to make plans for the future. The Conference was called Presbytery Planning 20/20 Vision. Please feel free to download your personal copy by clicking the picture above.

A Guide to Presbytery of Gordon

The aim of A Guide to Gordon Presbytery along with the Presbytery Year Book and the Standing Orders, is to help folk understand what Presbytery is all about and so make Presbytery meetings an enjoyable and informative time for everyone. Please feel free to download your personal copy by clicking the picture above.

Current Year Book

The Year Book is now available for download and is provided in PDF format by clicking the links below.


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