Presbytery Youth Work Facilitator

Vicky Stigant is our Presbytery Youth Work Facilitator.

She helps the churches in Presbytery to develop and sustain work with children and young people, including supporting volunteers, running training events and working with congregations to develop new ways of working with children and young people. Vicky can be contacted by email or phone on 07562 308704.

Vicky also runs a Facebook page for youth and children’s leaders where information about upcoming events, training and other news is posted. Please contact Vicky if you would like to know more about youth and children’s work in Presbytery.

In addition to Vicky's role, Church of Scotland ministers and volunteers from churches are also involved in work in their local primary and secondary schools. This can range from taking assemblies and lessons and running lunch clubs, to organising events like Prayer Spaces.


There’s lots going on around the Presbytery for children and young people. Many churches have Sunday School or Junior Church groups that meet on Sunday mornings during term time. Some churches have All-Age services at different times of the month. Most churches have groups for children and young people that run through the week as well. Contact your local church to find out what’s going on near you. If you’re interested in Messy Church, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade or Mainly Music follow the links below to find local groups directly.

Youth Events

There are also some regular events for young people, run by different groups in the local area. "Belong" is an occasional event for secondary school aged young people that happens in the east of the Presbytery. Contact Vicky directly if you’d like to know more.

"Diamonds" is an event for secondary school aged girls and takes place in Aberdeen four times a year. Their website is Diamonds Scotland.

"Coming soon" Powerpoint is a youth worship event in Aberdeen. Its first event will be on 4 March 2017. See the Powerpoint website for more information. We also have a yearly trip down to an event called Soul Survivor for any young people who will be in S1+ when they return to school in September. Soul Survivor 2017 takes place on the 5-10 August 2017. For more information, contact Vicky.

Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland has a number of resources and opportunities available, particularly for young adults. More information can be found on the Church of Scotland website. These include the National Youth Assembly, an annual residential event for 17-25 year olds to enable young adults to have a voice within the church.

Messy Church

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