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Within Presbytery there are a number of Committes which are listed below together with current membership.

In respect of Commissioners to the Genral Assembly, ** please note:-

  1. Each Charge is represented by the minister and one elder (not necessarily Presbytery Elder)
  2. Retired Ministers wishing to be a Commissioner should apply to the Clerk
  3. The Clerk may be appointed as a Commissioner
  4. 2017 general Assembly is 20 May 2017
Title or Group Incumbent Incumbent Incumbent
2017 Commissioners to the General Assembly ** Culsalmond, Rayne, Daviot Howe Trinity Insch, Leslie, Premnay, Oyn

Meldrum, Bourtie Methlick Newmacher

Upper Donside
2018 Commissioners to the General Assembly ** Barthol Chapel, Tarves Belhelvie Echt Midmar

Ellon Kemnay Inverurie West
2019 Commissioners to the General Assembly ** Cushnie, Tough Foveran Huntly Cairnie Glass

Inverurie St Andrew's Noth Udny, Pitmedden
2020 Commissioners to the General Assembly ** Blairdaff, Chapel of Garioch Cluny, Monymusk Fintray, Kinellar, Keithhall

Kintore Skene Strathbogie Drumblade
Business Committee
Convener Rev. John Cook (2014-2018)
Moderator of Presbytery (Ex-officio) Clerk of Presbytery (Ex-Officio) Convener of Business Committee

Church & Society Convener Ministries Convener Mission & Discipline Convener

World Mission Convener Support Services Convener Property Convener

Convener of Presbytery Vacancy Procedures matters Three members appointed by Presbytery
Church and Society Committee
Convener Rev. Martyn Sanders (2016-2020)
Convener appointed by Presbytery Vice-Convener appointed by Presbytery
Ministeries Committee
Convener Vacant (2015-2019)
Convener appointed by Presbytery Vice Convener (Pastoral Care Issues) Vice Convener (Education) Rev Elspeth McKay, (2015-19)

Vice Convener (Vacancy procedure) Rev. Dr. Mary Cranfield (2013-17) Vice Convener (Plan Review) appointed by Presbytery
Mission and Discipline Committee
Convener Rev. Dr. Paul McKeown (2015-2019)
Convener Vice Convener (Education) Rev Neil Meyer (2015-19) Vice Convener (Ecumenical) Mrs Jean Mitchel (2015-18)

Vice Convener (Mission Work) Rev Dr Will Stalder (2015-18)

World Mission
Convener Rev. Richard Reid (2014-2018)
Convener appointed by Presbytery Vice Convener appointed by Committee members
Support Services Committee
Convener Rev. Regine Cheyne (2013-2017)
Convener Vice Convener (Financial) Rev Stella Campbell (2012-2016)
Property Committee
Convener Vacant
Convener Vice Convener appointed by Committee members

29, St. Ninians
Monymusk AB51 7HF

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Phone: 01467 651470