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Presbytery is made up of a number of leadership and support groups/positions. These are tabulated below for ease of reference.

Title or Group Incumbent Incumbent Incumbent
Moderator Rev Dr Paul McKeown

Presbytery Clerk Rev Euan Glen

Presbytery Treasurer Allan Fair

Presbytery Safeguarding Contact Mrs Sue Whyte

Presbytery Safeguarding Trainers Mrs Eva Will Mrs Anne Shirran
Presbytery Disability Advisor Mrs Susanna Bichard

Parish Workers Pamela Adams (Ellon Parish Church)

Presbytery Youth Facilitator Vicky Stigant

Presbytery Mission and Disciplineship Coordinator Heather Mikelson

Central Church Council
Committee Members
Rev Eleanor Macalister (Church Art and Architecture) Rev Dr Paul McKeown (Candidates Task Group) Rev Euan Glen (Nominations Committee)
Ministers Without Charge Rev Anthony Craig Rev Ian Drydenn Rev Ian Groves

Rev Don Hawthorn Rev Robert A Jones Rev Eleanor Macalister

Rev John Renton Rev. Matthew Rodger Rev Grainger Stoddart

Rev Iain Thomson
Ordained Local Minister Rev Dr Peter Keilhlmann
Auxilliary Ministers and Deacons Rev Sheila Craggs (Ellon) Rev John Mack JP (Blairdaff and Chapel of Garioch)
Elders Elected by Presbytery Mrs Anne Campbell Mr Malcolm Christie Mrs Lesley Michie

Mr Gerald Moore Mr Michael Taitt
Readers Mrs Susanna Bichard Mr Alan Doak Dr Noel Mack

Mrs Jean Mitchell Mrs Margaret Robb
Hospital Chaplains Inverurie and Insch

Corresponding Members from Sister Churches Canon John Walker (Scottish Episcopal Church

29, St. Ninians
Monymusk AB51 7HF

Phone: 01467 651470