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Church of Scotland Vision Statement

"The vision of the Church of Scotland is to be a church which inspires the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities."

Presbytery Mission Statement

The Presbytery of Gordon is committed to: -

a) Provide and develop fellowship and support to congregations and ministers within its bounds in their work and witness to the gospel

b) Ensure proper practice in all aspects of the life and work of the charges within its bounds 

Presbytery Membership

It is hoped that each member of Presbytery will play his or her part in the running of Presbytery. Ministers are expected to serve on two committees, Convenors of Committees serve on their committee and the Business Committee.

Elders serve on one committee but can serve on up to two depending upon their interests. Corresponding members are welcome to share in the work of the committees of the Presbytery and should express their desire to serve to the Clerk. Whilst it is common practice for Committees to meet prior to the main meeting of Presbytery, committees are reminded that if any report is to contain contentious or complex material, that information should be sent out in the Presbytery mailing in order that Presbyters can have time to examine the details of the report.

All material to be sent out should be in the hands of the Presbytery Clerk a week before Presbytery. If attendance at committee meetings is impossible please submit your apologies to the Convenor in good time.

Church Discipline

The Presbytery is responsible for ensuring that church discipline is followed, by that we mean the law of the church is upheld and that common practise is followed.

Concerns or complaints should be raised first with the Presbytery Clerk who may alleviate concerns with advice or if required will then refer the matter to the Business Committee to deal with.

There are guidelines for making complaints and this is available from the Clerk. 

Data Protection

The Presbytery holds registration for all the congregations under its banners and this registration is broken into four purposes:-

1. Staff Administration
2. Administration of membership records.
3. Fundraising.
4. Realising the objectives of a charitable organisation or voluntary body. Which really covers everything else.

It is important that congregations keep the information they gather either on computer or on written file securely and safely and do not hold information longer than is required

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